My name is Taylor Michael Ryan, I'm a freelance composer and sound designer for video games and welcome to my site!

You'll find links and info to projects I've worked on, samples from said projects and I'll keep you posted on new projects I've worked on as those pop up.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding services.

Have a great day!


Working on Personal Projects!








Howdy folks,

Just a quick update here that I'm currently working on fun smaller projects now with releasing my own music. I'm gonna start uploading various clips labeled "Romps" which are essentially just quick fun demo ideas of music in progress, musical sketches, testing out the various instruments I've accumulated over time, and playing around with synths and whatnot!

These will primarily sit on SoundCloud and poooooossibly YouTube since they aren't like "official" tracks of any sort BUT anything more done up like a nice proper song will also go up on Spotify and Bandcamp. Neat!

Not sure how frequent these will be just yet, but aiming to just share fun things as I go <3

Thanks for reading all of this, enjoy, and looking to share more soon!


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