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Whether it be for your game, film, animation, app, Youtube channel, etc., I've got you covered! Below is a rundown of services I offer. Feel free to listen to the samples provided on the DEMOS page. If you have any questions and/or are interested in services for your project, send me a message from the CONTACT page.


Music Production Services:


Composition and production of orignial music, customized to your original projects needs, whether it be a full arrangement for your film/animation, an introduction piece for your new Youtube series, or interactive and dynamic music for your video game.

No matter what music style, or the amount of music you need, I am happy to provide you quality music for your projects, big or small!

If you are looking for music for your project, please contact me by going here.

Sound Design Services:


Whether you need that perfect explosion sound for your independent "Lumberjacks vs. Martians" sci-fi film, a fitting soundscape for your breakthrough animation about the importance of river dams, or immersive audio tailored to your new virtual weasal-hucking game.


Whatever your sound needs are, if you need a customized library of sounds or just that one sound sample you can't seem to find for your project, I've got you covered!


If you are looking for sounds for your project, please contact me by going here.



Whether your project is big or small and regardless of the time frame, I'm open to discussing price options and rates the will best suit your needs and fit within your budget.



To discuss the pricing of services for your project, please contact me by going here.

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