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MagiQuest Chronicles is Live!

As of March 7th I believe (or near that date) MagiQuest Chronicles went live at the Grand Opening of Great Wolf Lodge LLC's new location at Garden Grove, CA! What's really cool about this experience is that it's actually a trilogy of games, you have (and in chronilogical order): MagiQuest: Journey To Save The Light MagiQuest: Guardians Of The Portal Realms MagiQuest: Rise Of The Totem Masters (the newest addition, and a new game experience from the previous) And if you happen to be with familiar with the MagiQuest brand, know that this is a whole new experience, a retelling of the original game that came out a little over a decade ago (MagiQuest, 2005) as well as furthering the lore of the MagiQuest world. Some locations are still running the original game which is not to be confused with this new, updated experience. Currently, to my knowledge, the MagiQuest Chronicles (MQC) is only available to play at the Garden Grove, CA location. I don't know when or if the MQC are going to be available at the other Great Wolf Lodge locations, but when they open up elsewhere I will post that info on this website in another post! Also, one last note, I'll be going over more of what this trilogy of games, as well as the previously mentioned Cosmic Quest (for NASA's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex). Basically what the games themselves are about, examples and overviews of gameplay, what I did for that game with audio and how I went about it, etc. Head on over to the Credits Page to get access to all the games' respective websites for more immediate info.

Thanks for reading! -TMR

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