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MagiQuest Chronicles: An Overview

Good morning/afternoon/evening! I've decided to switch gears a bit from talking about Cosmic Quest (which I will post about again soon to continue where I left off) and I'm going to talk about another game, or actually games, that just came out this month too! The MagiQuest Chronicles! Some of you may be already be familiar with the MagiQuest brand, the original game came out back in 2005, and which can even still be played at a few locations around the U.S. The new MagiQuest Chronicles is a retelling of the original story, but also adds more to the lore and expands on the world of the game through new experiences! We'll touch on the specific story framing of each of the games under the new MagiQuest Chronicles in a bit, for now you can check out the commercial for a quick rundown of story:

The commercial for MagiQuest Chronicles. I provided the music for this as well as handling all the mixing of the music and the narration.

For some quick info on the tech and how traditional MagiQuest plays (this will relate, more or less, across all games. I'll cover differences later): -- The game is played in a standalone building, fully renovated with "physical effects", or theming and props, to emmerse the players in a more Live Action Role Playing Environment. -- The various rooms in this building have various monitors and displays, which are run by the computers that are hosting the game on them. The players will interact with these to learn about the lore of the game world, "Vellara", go on quests, combat evil-doers, etc. -- The players interact with all these various displays with the use of a controller, aka their Wand, this is also used for casting spells during battle! -- The gameplay can be broken down like this: You have your main area of the building to be given quests and to learn about the lore of the game. On these quests, you will recieve gold and special items that you will need to acquire before you can have access to bigger encounters, such as boss battles. Until you achieve all the necessary items, these boss battles are locked, so you'll need to get to work to unlock them! With the original MagiQuest, when a player triggered the displays they would only get pre-recorded videos of live actors telling them what's going on. What Creative Kingdoms LLC has done with the new MagiQuest Chronicles is rebuild the original story and create new adventures from scratch in Unity 3D, this way the game is way more engaging and interactive than the previous version of the game that came out a decade before! So, as you saw from the commercial spot, MagiQuest Chronicles is actually a trilogy of games, and the order is as follows: - MagiQuest: Journey to Save the Light (Credits: Additional Sound Design) - MagiQuest: Guardians of the Realm Portals (Credits: Music / Sound Design) - MagiQuest: Rise of the Totem Masters (Credits: Music / Sound Design) All of these games are hubbed together, and can be accessed from a selection menu (nothing strange here). You can play these in any order, but there is a storyline that works it's way through these games. Also by doing well in the games from the start of the series you can unlock cool perks in the following games in the series, so I recommend starting from the top (personally I enjoy story and lore in games, from the beginning I say!).

The first 2 games in the series use the Wand technology I briefly mentioned above. With the introduction to the 3rd game, Rise of the Totem Masters, on top of the tech that is currently there you also have use of these figurines:

Picture was taken by MQC staff or Creative Kingdoms LLC Crew down in Garden Grove, CA. So on top of the normal format I mentioned, with Rise of the Totem Masters involves a new system of gameplay for MagiQuest. I'll try not to butcher this, but here it goes: -- Players have access to 4 different Totems, 1 Totem is a default character in the game, the other 3 you can purchase as pictured above. -- These Totems have RFID chips in them, and when placed on specific stations these Totems come to life in the game world. -- Players will use these Totems to battle the Shadowlords and the evil threatening Vellara. The battles are turn-based, I could compare it to Poke'mon battle system but a bit more complicated because you can do all sorts of different counter-attacks. Like rock-paper-scissors but with fighting badguys with magic! -- Players, over time, can level-up their Totems to increase their stats, have access to virtual equippables that also add perks to their Totems, and like I mentioned earlier: If the player has completed the previous 2 games as well they get rewards in the form of exclussive equipables to use in battle, pretty cool! (How the game keeps track of all this is with an account players make online, when you first play the game you make an account. This will be used for anything related to MagiQuest) To make some obvious comparisons, for reference of what this is like, it's like a mix between Skylanders use of figuringes, with the battle system of a more complicate Poke'mon turn-based style. I'll go over storylines for each of these games in a separate post, just because it's a lot of info to go over. For now I think this sums up what's going on, as well as the commercial above going through all the quick points of the story at it's core. So that's it, thanks for reading, more about MagiQuest coming soon! Have a great day -TMR

For info about MagiQuest:

For info about Creative Kingdoms LLC:

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