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Gallus Island - Now In Development!

Howdy folks, News time! I'm helping with the audio side of things (music and sound design) for the indie game 'Gallus Island' being developed by a good friend of mine: Sketching Sands! What's even more neat is that there is a game development blog for the game that gets updated twice a week so you can get glimpses at what we are working on, super rad!

You can find the game development blog by clicking this -> Gallus Island

Quick blurb about Sketching Sands and what they do:

Sketching Sands is a freelance artist based out of the Midwest who has worked on many game titles as well as plenty of non-game arts, she even drops in at regional conventions as a vendor to get some slick commissioned art directly into your hands! To check out some of her work, head on over to this link:

Sketching Sands also streams on Twitch now, ranging from independent works, for fun projects, and art for Gallus Island! You can find her Twitch channel at the link below:

Thanks for reading and looking forward to sharing more of this game with you!


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