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A Taste of Combat from "Rise of the Totem Masters", MagiQuest Chronicles

Hey there! It took a wee bit longer than originally anticipated but there's finally some gameplay to show of the new MagiQuest Chrnicles: Rise of the Totem Masters (3rd and newest game in the MagiQuest series)! Below is a video of a collection of battles from the game. There is a lot more variation in character (Totem) choice than I'm showing below, as well as the enemies. To briefly touch on it, the character that's on the Player's side of the screen is Lickity Spit, and is the default character if the Player has not yet purchased a physical Totem from the respective MagiQuest store on site. There are 3 physical Totems available for purchase for Mongowl, Wedingo, and Beraxus, so there are a total of 4 characters that the Player can choose from. And for both Totems and enemies in the game, there are multiple elemental types available, all with strengths and weaknesses to other elements. Throughout the game you also can acquire relics and items that can temporarily change element types for different attacks, boost stats, etc. So there is a lot of variability in the game in terms of the combat.

But that's enough explaining for now, let's actually see the game in action!

NOTE: If you've already watched the video or about to. You may have noticed something amiss.

"Where or the footstep sounds?"

Well, it was decided given the environment of where this game is played (a large room/building filled with multiple stations playing this game as well as a large amount of children running around and potentially being rowdy) that the focus should be on the combat attack/block sounds, seeing that the footsteps would fall under the radar given the mentioned environment. So, given that choice, I handled it kind of like the Tekken approach to the combat sound prioritizing (see gameplay from any of the multitude of those games to hear what I'm talking about). So at least for the current release these SFX were nullified, they might be put in on an update down the line. That being said, I'll probably post up another video similar to this with footstep sfx put in so it's less awkward viewing at home!


But anyway, hope you enjoyed a look into the Rise of the Totem Masters combat! I'll post up some other aspects of the game to view as well as more combat with the other Totem characters as soon as I get content to show. There should also be more of a live-action look at the game as well coming soon so I'll share that as well! Thanks again for reading/watching/listening, and have a great day! -TMR

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